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Bringing the Bible to Life Seminar


Sunday, August 26

Four Sessions: 9:45, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00



WHAT IS A “BRINGING THE BIBLE TO LIFE – Physical Settings of the Bible” SEMINAR?  

Pool of Siloam

Dr. DeLancey sitting on the steps of the Pool of Siloam (John 9)

The seminar provides biblical education focused on teaching the physical settings of the Bible (e.g. “Physical Theology”). This includes the unique teaching of biblical archaeology, historical geography, and the cultural context of the Bible. Seminars for churches include 6 hours of multi-media presentations.

Recent seminar participants said the following about the BBL seminar:

“We could hardly wait to schedule Dr. DeLancey’s ‘Bringing the Bible to Life’ seminar for our church after our incredible trip to Israel with him. We wanted to share what we experienced with our family and friends, especially those who might never have the opportunity to go to Israel in person. The seminar was hands down the most rewarding event we ever participated in! We were blown away by how much information Dr. DeLancey was able to convey in such a short time, in such a concise way, and with such a unique style that enable us to truly feel as if we’d been on a virtual tour with our own personal guide, teacher, and pastor.” (Roger & Kim, tour participants and seminar hosts, TX)

“What an incredible experience it was to sit at the feet of the master last night. He surely does have a zeal that is unexcelled by anyone I have ever had the good fortune to hear.” (Jeanne, a participant in the Madison, WI BBL seminar)

At the academic level “BBL – Physical Settings of the Bible” classes are offered at the Christian high school, college, and seminary level.  All teaching uniquely contains both an “informational” and spiritual “formational” discipleship encounter.




Dr. DeLancey teaching in the synagogue in Capernaum

The multi-media “BBL” seminar includes the following:

Session 1: Introduction – “Physical Settings of the Bible” (“Bringing the Bible to Life in Its Context”) Session 2: Archaeology & the Bible; Session 3: The Hebraic Background of the Life & Ministry of Jesus; Session V: Jerusalem in the Old Testament.