June 2019   
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Bringing the Bible to Life Seminar


Sunday, August 26

Four Sessions: 9:45, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00

This Sunday we have the opportunity to attend a seminar that will help us understand the Bible better. Dr. John Delancey, a pastor from Glenshaw, PA and director of Biblical Israel Ministries and Tours, will be with us all day. Using visuals and videos, he will teach the Bible in the context in which it was experienced and written. He will take us back to ancient Israel and talk about the Biblical stories from a geographical perspective. He will take us to present day Israel and talk about the many archeological discoveries that prove the Bible is true.


This is what John says about the seminar:


“Understanding the context of any passage is an exciting essential in discovering the meaning and application of any particular passage. The biblical authors wrote the text of Scripture within the context of the land. The majority of the stories of the Bible took place in the land or what we like to call the “playing board” of the Bible. This is why we love teaching things like biblical archaeology, geography, topography, and daily life and culture in biblical times. It helps the student of the Bible “read between the lines” of the stories of the Bible. What is discovered is an entirely new and eye-opening understanding of God’s Word!”


This “Bringing the Bible to Life” seminar begins Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour. Youth and Adult Sunday School classes are encouraged to attend. We will meet in the sanctuary. And then we will come back Sunday night for three more sessions. John will also be bringing the message at 11:00. Here are the four sessions:


9:45 - Session 1 - Physical Settings of the Bible

4:00 - Session 2 - Biblical Archaeology

5:00 – The Hebrew Life and Ministry of Jesus

6:00 – Old Testament and New Testament Jerusalem


There will be breaks during the evening sessions and a love offering for John will be received during the 6:00 session.


John will be our guide for those of us going to Israel next February. Going to Israel and visiting the Biblical sites, walking where Jesus walked, is the best way to bring the Bible to life, but not everyone is able to go to the Holy Land. Therefore, John is bringing the Holy Land to us this Sunday. We hope you can attend all four sessions, or as many as you can.


Click here to go to Biblical Israel Ministries for more infomation.